Welcome to WeMind Psychiatry! 

About us

WeMind Psychiatry is Sweden's largest private mental healthcare provider, with 13 clinics spread over three Swedish regions. We provide assessment and treatment for psychiatric disorders, including psychosis, anxiety disorders and neurodevelomental disorders.


At WeMind, we only use the most effective, empirically based treatment methods. As a patient at WeMind, rest assured that you will receive the highest quality care possible. 

How it works 

First contact

If you are in need of psychiatric care, the first step is to contact your local primary healthcare provider or general practitioner. In most cases, they will be able to provide the care and treatment needed.

If they then decide that you are in need of more specialised psychiatric care, they may refer you to us. We will contact you for a first meeting within 30 days upon receiving the referral. 

Some clinics allow you to seek care without a referral. A first assessment is then made by us. If it is judged that you may need specialised psychiatric care, a first appointment will be booked. You will find the contacts to your closest clinic here. 

Psychiatric assessment

Your first 2-4 meetings at WeMind always consist of a basic assessment. You will answer questions about your current situation, your symtoms and medical needs. As part of the assessment you will receive questionnaires about your health. It is important that you fill out these forms, as it helps us to choose the right treatment for your condition.


The method of treatment chosen will be based on the result of the assessment as well as your personal preferences. It may be drug treatment, psychotherapy, a combination of the two, or other interventions. Your clinician will provide you with further details based on your condition and needs. At WeMind, feel assured that the recommended treatments are based on leading guidelines and international gold standards.

If you wish, your family/friends are more than welcome to take part in your treatment. This is always voluntary, as we never share information about your treatment with your family/friends without your permission. If you have a family member in need of support themselves, you may talk to your clinician for further advice. 


Throughout your treatment, we continuously assess your mental health to make sure that you are getting better. As part of this assessment, you will be asked to fill out questionnaires regularly. This helps us monitor your progress. If, for some reason, your condition does not improve we quickly adjust your treatment plan. 

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions. You can find your closest clinic here.